CYOA Assignments

Below you will find links to and descriptions of all the assignments for Choose Your Own Adventure. Click on the individual assignment links to get the full instructions and printable worksheets.

The assignments are divided into three categories based on what skills you will use to complete them.

Detective: A detective closely examines historical facts and puts them together in many forms. They work with charts to represent information clearly and logically. They enjoy answering questions and finding details.

Artist: An artist focuses on pictures to learn about the past. They produce drawings and crafts to present information to others in unique ways. They enjoy creating work that shows off their skill and talent.

Profiler: A profiler is mostly interested in people and how they think. They like to imagine themselves in historical situations and write about how they would have reacted. They usually present their findings through short writings.

Acrostic Poem    A word from the unit is written vertically and then each letter is used to start each line of a descriptive poem. 

Create a print advertisement for an invention from the given civilization.
  Advice Letter
   Write a letter to a historical figure giving him or her advice on a problem.
  Be the Thing
   Write a short explanation of the life experience of a particular object from history like Da Vinci's first paintbrush.
 Bio Poem
 Complete a poem with a pre-made layout about a specific person or group in history 
Bumper Sticker 

  Create a witty bumper sticker about a specific topic. Recommended only for highly creative students. 
   Cause and Effect Chain     Describe two causes and two effects for a given historical event. 

  Countdown!     Complete a 5-stage graphic organizer including key terms, review questions and a symbol. 
  Creative Line Art
1  2  3

  Using a picture with random shapes and scribbles create a scene from or representing the current unit. 

  Create a caution sign warning people about something dangerous from a civilization. 


Day Planner
  Write out the daily schedule for someone living in an ancient civilization. 
  Design the epitaph and gravestone for a famous figure. May require outside research. 
  Game On!
  Design a game that could be played in a civilization we've studied. Consider the impact of their geography and culture. 
  In &Out
  Complete a graphic organizer highlighting the influences and contributions of a civilization or person. 
   Judgment   Create a T-chart to determine if a historical figure was a good or bad person. 
  Neo Venn Diagram


Like a Venn Diagram only less reliant on drawing properly sized circles (which I can't do...) 

 Picture Analysis  

Answer a series of thought-provoking analysis questions about a photograph or piece of art.