Marlene Crawford


BCMS Library/Computer Class


We’re not just a library anymore! The library at BCMS is called the Tween Café. Here we cater to the needs of the students in several ways. We are not only here to provide reading and reference materials, but have now become the place to learn to use the computer.

The library/computer classroom is now an encore class which last 3 weeks at a time and then switches. In an effort to make each encore class an effective learning experience, students will need to complete the required daily work during class time. The computer skill and typing part of the class usually last 15 to 20 minutes for most students, some take a little longer. However, it is expected that all students finish before class ends. During the 3 weeks that they attend the library daily, they will be required to read 1 science and 1 social studies book and take an AR test. This will go along with the state recommendation for an increase emphasis on nonfiction reading material. These books are quite short and can be done during class time. However, they may be checked out and taken home. Students may only check out books when they have library as an encore class, so they must complete the required reading during that time.

Student expectations while in Library/Computer Encore class:

Students will obey all school rules.

Students will leave the library in the same condition as it was when they entered.

Students will operate and maintain computers and/or iPads

Students will take proper care of all library material and technological equipment.

Students will complete each and every daily task while completing the reading requirement during the 3 week period.

Students will turn in all library books at the end of their encore session.

Students will be charged for any lost or damaged library books as well as any technological equipment.