Syllabus (2018-2019)
Course Description:
Sixth grade students will be studying the history of human civilizations from the earliest societies through the fall of the Roman Empire.  Students will be studying the geographical, social, political, economic, and religious factors that shaped the development of each civilization.  Students will follow the shifts in societies and trace the ways that civilizations built on the accomplishments of previous civilizations.  All religions covered in this course are taught strictly for the purpose of understanding how the beliefs of a people impacted the development of civilizations.

Discovering Our Past; A History of the World (McGraw-Hill)

Tentative Schedule:
1st Nine Weeks:
    Chapter 3 — Early Humans and the Agricultural Revolution
    Chapter 4 — Ancient Mesopotamia
    Chapter 5 — Ancient Egypt and Kush

2nd Nine Weeks:
    Chapter 8 — The Israelites
    Chapter 6 — Ancient India 
    Chapter 7 — Ancient China
 3rd Nine Weeks:   
    Chapters 9 and 10 — The Ancient Greeks; Greek Civilizations
    Chapters 11 and 12 — Rome: Republics to Empire; Roman Civilizations
    Chapters 13 — The Rise of Christianity

4th Nine Weeks
    Cumulative Review

6th Grade TN Social Studies Standards:

Tests - 40%
Classwork and Pretests - 30%
Quizzes and Vocabulary - 20%
Reviews - 10%