6th World History

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 Suggested Supplies:

     1. Composition Books

     2. pencils

     3.  erasers and handheld pencil sharpeners

     4.  Positive Attitude :)

Why do we study history?

We learn our past to better our future! We learn about civilizations to know from where we've come. We learn about mistakes in the past so we don't repeat them. We learn about people who changed history to become better people ourselves. We study history because we can make a difference!

What will my child study in 6th Grade World History? 
The state of Tennessee asks students to examine the geographic, political, economic, and religious structures of early civilization to the Fall of the Roman Empire. 
Sixth grade students will study the beginnings of early civilizations through the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Students will analyze the cultural, economic, geographical, historical, and political foundations for early civilizations, including Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, India, China, Greece, and Rome. The sixth grade will conclude with the decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire. This course will also teach students about the historical context of ancient and major world religions and will follow a common template for major world religions so as to not promote any religion. 

What are the units of study for this class? 
Foundations of Human Civilization 10,000-3500 BCE
Ancient Mesopotamia 3500-1700 BCE
Ancient Egypt 3000-700 BCE
Ancient Israel 2000-500 BCE
Ancient India 2500-400 BCE
Ancient China 2500 BCE-200 CE
Ancient Greece 800-300 BCE
Ancient Rome 500BCE-500 CE