China Influence

Was Japan its own nation or just a baby brother to China? See how an early ruler tried to make Japan a mini-China by bringing Confucian thought, Buddhism and writing to his people


Japan Culture

The upper clan in the court of Japan wanted their own identity. Big? No way! Small is beautiful! See how they emphasized their own style of writing (and also killing.)


Samari and Ninjas

Speaking of killing... nothing is more Japanese than Samurai and Ninjas - lets look at the real history of these amazing warriors.


Japan Walkthru- introductory activity based on the graphics in Holt's Medieval to Early Modern Times.


Haiku- A lab where students learn the form and function of Haiku before creating their own.


Feudalism- In this adaptation of the TCI Feudalism lab from my Europe unit students reenact life in Feudal Japan with some unique twists. (Watch out for the ninja!)


Japan DBQ-Students analyze a series of documents to determine whether Japan was more like China or more like Europe. You can get the documents here or find similar ones in your textbook.


Unsolved History: Ninjas Questions- a worksheet used along with the DVD "Unsolved History" which is linked below.


Weight the Evidence: Ninjas- In this lab students evaluate a series of documents (pictures, text and video) to determine if ninjas were real or not. Requires students to weigh reliability of sources from different times and places to draw a conclusion.