Middle Ages

Middle Ages




The Church

Dark Ages began with a collapse of technology, society and government. Then see how the Christian Church rose to start to help rebuild. We focus on the story of the well-known monk St. Benedict.


The Kings

Powerful rulers started to rise up and claim the lands of the former Roman Empire. We will focus on one of those kings: Charlemagne and the Battle of Hastings.



All the rebuilding fell apart with the arrival of Viking invaders. Europe turned to a new style of government called feudalism for protection. Featuring a special appearance by knight-turned-peasant Robin Hood.


Crusades and Carta

While many knights and kings were off fighting to regain the Holy Land in the Crusades King John was being pushed around by his own nobles. He signed one of the most important documents in history, the Magna Carta.


Black Ages

No amount of knights, prayer or new freedoms could stop one of the worst disease outbreaks in history. Could Europe ever recover from such a devastating plague? Look at the social impact on Europe. No one is safe will you survive?


Dark Ages Walkthur- a one-hour worksheet based on the images found in the textbook

Crumbling Kingdom-  a one-hour lab simulating what it would be like to live in a civilization that was collapsing around you.

Feudalism Lab-  a one-hour lab simulating life in a feudal society.

Charlemagne Bias Lab-  Two readings on Charlemagne that mirror one another. Read them both to see how bias can greatly affect our view of a historical figure. DOC 1 DOC2

Crusades Simulation Lab-  Experiential lab where students are taken on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land to experience what life was really like on Crusade.

A Day in Medieval Europe- A guided tour through a day in Medieval Europe using video, sound, pictures and imagination. Teachers  Script  Students journal

History Mystery: The Black Death Lab-  History analysis activity where students try to determine what was spreading the Black Death throughout England. 

Medieval Dossiers: Richard vs. John-History analysis activity where students examine fact sheets on King Richard and King John to determine if the popular understanding of the two men is fact or fiction

Weigh the Evidence: Robin Hood- History analysis activity where students examine a series of exhibits relating to the existence of Robin Hood. Each is exhibit is "weighed" based on its relevance and validity so that a proper conclusion can be drawn. 

Middle Ages Study Guide-Review sheet covering the Dark Ages and Late Middle Ages.