CYOA Assignments

Below you will find links to and descriptions of all the assignments for Choose Your Own Adventure. Click on the individual assignment links to get the full instructions and printable worksheets.

The assignments are divided into three categories based on what skills you will use to complete them.
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Cover sheets for CYOA
Fall of Rome CYOA 
Islamic World CYOA
Africa CYOA
China/ Japan CYOA
Middle Ages CYOA
Renaissance CYOA
3R's CYOA 
Age of Exploration/ Latin America CYOA
Maya/ Aztec CYOA

Detective: A detective closely examines historical facts and puts them together in many forms. They work with charts to represent information clearly and logically. They enjoy answering questions and finding details.

Artist: An artist focuses on pictures to learn about the past. They produce drawings and crafts to present information to others in unique ways. They enjoy creating work that shows off their skill and talent.

Profiler: A profiler is mostly interested in people and how they think. They like to imagine themselves in historical situations and write about how they would have reacted. They usually present their findings through short writings.

50 XP Assignments 
20-30 min to complete

 Type  Description
Acrostic Poem

A word from the unit is written vertically and then each letter is used to start each line of a descriptive poem.

Create a print advertisement for an invention from the given civilization.
 Advice Letter
 Write a letter to a historical figure giving him or her advice on a problem.
Be the Thing

 Write a short explanation of the life experience of a particular object from history like Da Vinci's first paintbrush.

 Complete a poem with a pre-made layout about a specific person or group in history.
Bumper Sticker

 Create a witty bumper sticker about a specific topic. Recommended only for highly creative students.
 Cause and Effect Chain

 Describe two causes and two effects for a given historical event.
Create a caution sign warning people about something dangerous from a civilization. (Thanks Doug!)

 Complete a 5-stage graphic organizer including key terms, review questions and a symbol.
Creative Line Art
1 2 3
 Using a picture with random shapes and scribbles create a scene from or representing the current unit.
Day Planner

 Write out the daily schedule for someone living in an ancient civilization.

 Design the epitaph and gravestone for a famous figure. May require outside research.
Game On!

 Design a game that could be played in a civilization we've studied. Consider the impact of their geography and culture.
In 'N' Out

 Complete a graphic organizer highlighting the influences and contributions of a civilization or person.
Create a T-chart to determine if a historical figure was a good or bad person.
 Neo Venn Diagram

Like a Venn Diagram only less reliant on drawing properly sized circles (which I can't do...)
Picture Analysis

 Answer a series of thought-provoking analysis questions about a photograph or piece of art.
Picture Frame

 Design a graphic organizer in the shape of a picture frame about a historical figure.
Postcard from the Past

 Make a postcard as if you were visiting an ancient civilization.
Report Card

 Gives grades to a historical figure in categories assigned by your teacher.
 Create a simple chart to help you understand a primary source.
Top Ten
 Create a top ten list of contributions and achievements from a civilization.

 Write a summary of a historical event in the form of a text message to a friend.
Venn Diagram

 Complete a Venn Diagram (kinda...) to compare and contract two historical figures, events or civilizations.
Wanted Poster

 Create a wanted (or hero) poster for a person from history.

100 XP Assignments
45 minutes to complete

 Name  Type  Description
 Annotated Illustration

 Students draw a full-page picture of a historical object or location and write 6 captions to describe it.

A chart set up like a tournament bracket where students "battle" terms from the unit against each other.
Bio Box
A 3-D graphic organizer that highlights the key characteristics and events of a person's life courtesy of
Brain Chain

 List 10 important people, events, concepts, etc. and 5 generic history terms then create conceptual links between them in a graphic organizer.
Character Clash!
 Complete two bio-poems side to side to highlight the similarties and differences between two historical figures or groups.
Circle Summary

 Complete a graphic organizer as a history unit summary. Requires the unit to be broken down into 5 parts to work as shown here.
Comic Strip

 Create a 3-5 panel comic strip showing an event from a historical perspective.
 Create a Super Hero

Design a super hero based around a civilization or historical era. Give him or her powers, a motto, a sidekick and a weakness.
Dear Diary

 Write a series of diary entries as if you were a person in history truly experiencing a historical event.
Flash Cards

 Create flash cards for 4 key terms from the unit.
Illustrated Map

 Draw a map and add captions or small pictures to bring the map to life.
Illustrated Timeline

 Draw a timeline and add captions or small pictures to bring it to life.
Instant Messages

 Create an instant message conversation between two historical figures about a historic event.
Introduction Speech

 Write and recite an introductory speech for a historical figure. May require outside research.

 Create an invitation (the who, what, when, where, what to bring, etc.) to a historical event we studied in the unit.
Legal Brief

 Write a legal defense for a historical figure who may have committed a crime.
 Draw the clothing a historical figure would likely wear and describe some of his/her inner thoughts and feelings.  
Personal Pyramid
Create a 3-D monument to memorialize a person from history. 

Imagine how a historical figure would view modern inventions and ideas.
Quest for Knowledge

 A series of activities to help get the most information possible out of a section of reading in the textbook.
Recipe for a Civilization

 Write a recipe with a list of ingredients it would take to create a given civilization. This definitely requires abstract thinking.
 Remote Control    
  Create a television channel line-up based on a recent unit. Decide what shows would on to match up to the culture.
Song Rewrite

 Rewrite the lyrics to a song to make it about a historical period.
Time Machine

 Transport yourself back in time and figure out what would happen to someone your age and gender in a given civilization.
Trading Cards

 Create three trading cards for people, events or objects from a given unit. The cards each include basic information and a "relevance rating." Try to collect them all!
Worlds Collide

 Draw pictures contrasting key points of two civilizations.

200 XP Assignments
90 minutes to complete

 Name Type
Civilization in a Bag
Find 5 modern items that represent different aspects of a civilization and use them to report on the civilization.
Create a Crossword

 Make your own crossword puzzle using terms from the current unit.
 Deadliest Warrior
Research information on the warriors of two civilizations and then simulate a battle between them.

 Write a creative fictional story using key terms and figures from the unit.
Imagine what personal information would be included in a historical figures apps.
Letters Home
Write a series of letters home as if you were traveling on a long journey.
Magazine Cover

 Design a one-page magazine cover for a given section of the textbook.
Movie Madness

 Use art and writing to recreate a given unit as a movie. Includes designing a movie poster and writing a movie review.
Paper Bag Puppet

 Create a puppet of a historical figure along with a list of statements that person might say.
Picture Book

 Create a children's book about a given topic.
 Write and perform a short play about a historical event. Completed in pairs or small groups.
Pop Culture

Create a "pop-up" 3D display of the key aspects of a culture.
 Social Network

Create a social network page for a historical figure
Create a storyboard layout for a movie based on a historical event.
Travel Brochure

 Create a six-panel foldout brochure that highlights the history, hot spots, and accommodations of a civilization. You also get to design an amusement park!
Web Page

Create the layout for a web page about a specific topic from the unit.
What If?
Aka: Fracture
Flip the script on an event in history. Change one major detail from the event then speculate how this would have changed the outcome. Show your results in a recreated textbook page. 

400 XP Assignments
All 40 point assignments require significant work outside of class and take up to 4+ hours to complete.

 Name  Type  Description
A-Z Book
Working with a partner create a picture for 26 key terms each starting with a different letter of the alphabet. If you ask nicely I might let you skip 2 of the tougher letters.
Bloom Ball
Create a soccer ball shaped graphic organizer that represents different aspects of a civilization.
 Board Game
Create a board game using historical information. Be creative and follow directions carefully.
 Write a report on and build a model of a historical object or location.
 Working with a group of 3 - 4 students film a short newscast about a historical event.
 Working with a partner create a newspaper with sports reports, comic strips, ads and other articles about a civilization.
Mind Map
 Create a large word cluster using terms from the unit. Then write sentences explaining how the words are connected. It is basically a very large Brain Chain.
 Slideshow Presentation
 Create a PowerPoint presentation on a topic. It must be at least as good as what you see from me in class!
Textbook Remix
 Create a textbook section on a topic from history. Our textbook is terrible so help me make a better one!