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7th grade remind
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Classroom Responsibilities
*There are additional school and 7th-grade rules.

I will practice Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Preparedness

  1. I will treat everyone with kindness & respect.
  2. I will follow directions the first time they are given.
  3. I will be in my assigned seats at all times.
  4. I will bring my materials to class & take them when I leave.
  5. I will raise my hand to speak.

If I break a rule or show disrespect the following will happen…

  • I will be given a warning.
  • I will have a conference with Mrs. Davis and/or a phone call home.
  • I will meet with Mrs. Davis and my parents.
  • I will have a meeting with the principal for further consequences.

How will I be Graded?

  • Grades will be out of 100%
  • Grades come from two categories:

-“Try It” Assignments (40%)

-“Prove It” Assignments (60%)

1. “Try It” Assignments are to practice what we have learned in class.  This category also includes homework assignments.  I rarely assign homework; however, if you do not finish your work in class, I expect it to be completed at home and returned the next day.  You will also have a weekly ILA (Independent Learning Assignment).

2. “Prove It” Assignments include quizzes, tests, and projects where you must prove what you have learned. Tests and quizzes will be announced two to five days in advance as you are EXPECTED to STUDY!  Additionally, we will work on hands-on & in-depth research projects to help use our skills as a historian and archaeologist.


Work Expectations

  • Must be legible- If I cannot read it, I cannot grade it.
  • Must be your own, unless it is part of a group activity.
  • Must have your name on it.
  • Must be turned in on the due date unless you are absent. Please see the team late work policy.
  • It is your responsibility to get make-up work when you miss school. Each day’s assignments are posted in folders. If you do not makeup work in a timely manner, you will receive a “0”.