Renaissance and Reformation
 Part 1: Renaissance Introduction
 Part 2: Medicis, Machiavelli & Shakespeare
 Part 3: Michelangelo & Da Vinci
 Part 1: Reformation 1
 Part 2: Reformation 2
 you will have to look at the notes in presentation mode on your computer and keep hitting the space bar to to go the next set of notes.    

Renaissance Walkthru- Simple worksheet introducing the Renaissance based on the graphics in Holt's Medieval to Modern Times.

Renaissance DBQ- More complex introduction using the same graphics. Students must take a position on an essential question and defend their answer using the sources provided.

CSI Florence- A History Mystery investigation into the attempted assassination of Lorenzo de Medici. Student Journal (Turned in) CSI part 2

Renaissance Art Perspective-  a short comparison of European art throughout history followed by students trying to draw using "modern" techniques like realism and perspective which were introduced in the Renaissance. 

Da Vinci's Lost Notebook page- students create a "lost" page of Da Vinci's notebook for a modern invention.

Sistine Chapel Artstudents create "art" while drawing upside-down under their desks.

Weigh the Evidence
Similar to the DBQ above but with (mostly) different evidence. Same question - was the Renaissance a very big change?

Reformation stations- stations using mostly primary sources from the Reformation. Students in groups move around the room analyzing the documents and responding to questions.

Reformation Dossiers- A group lesson where students evaluate dossiers of six Renaissance figures (Luther, Tyndale, Hus, Henry VIII, Pope Leo X, and Torquemada) to determine which should be arrested. Works well as an introduction to the unit.

Reformation Quest for Knowledge- Series of questions based on the text in the book modeled after the questions asked on the TN Ready