Keaton Evans

Hello My Name Is...

Keaton Evans

 I am currently the keyboarding teacher at Bledsoe County Middle School. I am a proud alumni of Bledsoe County High School. I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Carson-Newman University. 


Students- I will be using Google Classroom to post links, announcements, and assignments. Please feel free to contact me through Google Classroom or email. I am here for YOU!

Supply List- cleaning supplies

Evans’ Homeroom Schedule

Times                        Subject                   Teacher    

7:45-8:50           Keyboarding              Evans       

8:50-9:50             English                       Pack   

9:50-10:50              Math                         Nale            

10:50-11:25       Social Studies           Mitchell

11:25-11:55            Lunch                                   

11:55-12:30        Social Studies           Mitchell

12:30-1:30         Personal Fitness          Kent    

1:30-2:30                   Science                   Heard

      Ms. Evans’ Classroom Schedule

                Times                          Homeroom Teacher

7:45-8:50                                  Evans

8:50-9:50                                Planning

9:50-10:50                              Mitchell

10:50-11:25                               Nale

11:25-11:55                              Lunch

11:55-12:30                               Nale

12:30-1:30                                Heard

        1:30-2:30                            Pack (Virtual)