8th Grade Science Syllabus

BCMS 8th Grade Science   
Teacher:  Maggie Spicer                                   
Email:mspicer@bledsoecountyschools.org                                           Phone: 423-447-3212

Dear Students and Parents,

      I am looking forward to a great school year with your child.  I believe that all children should have the opportunity to succeed in every aspect of the Science program.  I feel this will be a rewarding experience for your child and myself.  If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to leave a message at the school or Email and I will contact you as soon as possible.

What Is Science?

Science is an organized way of studying things and finding answers to questions

 Course Overview:  This program is designed for students to explore and understand the natural world, solve problems and create solutions. 
This course will provide...inquiry-based instruction as a critical way of developing conceptual understanding of the science content that is vital for success now and in High School. Students will learn core concepts drawn from physical science, earth science and life science. A seamless integration of science content, scientific inquiry, experimentation and technological design will reinforce in students the notion that what is known is inextricably tied to how it is known.

Your Child will be
engaged in the following:  Reading, researching, mini labs, virtual labs, launch labs, experiments, note taking, technology, designing their own labs, concept mapping, creating models, diagrams, scientific method, inquiry, engineering design method, review games, computers, I Pad's, science video clips, group interactions, integrating Math skills, Reading skills, History and Language Arts, group discussions, hands on activities, graphing, data tables. Science probes, Science mysteries, & more!

(what we will be studying)

•  Inquiry, Technology & Engineering

•  LS: Biodiversity & Change

•  PS1: Chemical Reactions

•  PS2: Properties of Matter

•  PS3: Forces of Nature

(For more information on Science standards for 8th grade see the link below)


Students will learn all of the Tennessee State Standards for 8th Grade Science, which emphasize mainly on physical sciences along with Life and Earth Sciences integrated within the course. The use of well designed, memorable experiences and the application of scientific knowledge and methodology are essential in helping students achieve appropriate comprehension of the content.

Students will improve their ability to learn independently by drawing generalizations from science related articles, books, graphs, charts, and diagrams. Regular opportunities are provided for students to clearly communicate their understanding through oral and written explanations of science concepts.

Students will study the applications of science in everyday life to inspire them to consider pursuing advanced studies in science and explore the wide variety of related career choices available.

Students will understand scientific ways of thinking and work to use those methods to solve real life problems

Students will identify, analyze and use patterns such as cycles and trends to understand past and present events and predict possible future events

Students will identify and analyze systems and the way their components work together to affect each other

Students will see a direct relationship between science education and daily life

Students will gain confidence to pursue personal goals through successful science experience

The following is a list of units that will be covered

1.  Exploring and Classifying Life
(How are things classified?)
2.  Adaptations over Time
(Ideas about evolution, natural selection, variations, relative dating)
3.  Conserving Life
(Biodiversity, conservation)
4.  Measurement
(Descriptions of measurements, drawings, tables & graphs)
5.  Properties and Changes of Matter
(Physical and chemical properties, physical and chemical changes)
6.  States of Matter
(Changes of state)
7.  Inside the Atom
(Models of an atom, the nucleus of an atom)
8.  The Periodic Table
(Introduction to the periodic table, properties of the periodic table)
9.  Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonds
(Why do atoms combine and how elements bond)
10.  Chemical Reactions
(Chemical formulas and equations)
11.  Substances, Mixtures, and Solubility
(What is a solution?, Acidic and basic solutions)
12.  Forces
(Factors that influence the amount of gravitational force between objects, gravity is the force that controls the motion of objects in the solar system)
13.  Magnetism
(What is magnetism, electricity and magnetism)
14.  Inquiry, Technology & Engineering


  1. One 1 1/2 inch binder(please no 1 inch for they are too small)
  2. One glue stick
  3. 1 dry erase marker (this is for student use only and please only darker colors)
  4. Notebook paper and pencil

Classroom Expectations:

  1. Be Respectful

    • Respect yourself
    • Respect others (including ideas and belongings)
    • Respect our school
  2. Be Responsible

    • Complete assignments
    • Take care of books and materials
    • Be a contributing group member
    • Raise your hand if you have a question or comment
  3. Be Ready to Learn

    • Bring books, needed supplies, and homework
    • Be in your seat, ready to work when the second bell rings
    • Listen, participate, and do your best work
  4. Be safe

    • Follow lab instruction
    • Use equipment carefully
    • Clean up and return all materials and equipment



1.  Warning

2.) Conference with teacher

3.) Phone call home and/or referral to Principal


 HOMEWORK POLICY:  Assignments will be due on the date specified by teacher unless student is absent  (See student handbook)

GRADING POLICY:  Daily work, homework, quizzes, tests, labs, and projects will all be included in determining a grade: 

Tests 40%     

Daily Work/Homework 30%      

Quizzes 20%     

Mini-Labs/ Participation 10%

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