Classroom Expectations

1.  Raise your hand if you have a question or comment

2.  Bring all science materials to class so you are prepared
3.  Be respectful
4.  Follow directions
5.  Obey all school and safety rules


1.  Verbal Warning
2.  Reflection sheet and *possible teacher/student talk
3.  Phone call home and *possibility of revocation of privileges
4.  Office referral
*teacher discretion


I will be implementing "Capturing Kids Hearts" into my classroom expectations.  The goal is to build relationships and grow the group. This involves a social contract for each class created by the students for the students and myself.  This program will encourage students to become quality leaders, reduce social anxiety, help students to become more responsible, increase motivation, promote social skills, promote optimism, increase communication skills, reduce misbehavior & disrespect while maintaining  boundaries and preserving relationships with peers and teachers and hopefully win their hearts to lead them to their personal best.