Extended Absence Info
Hello everyone! Hope this finds you well. Here is what I know. 

1. Any work assigned during this period is optional, not mandatory. 
2. If any grades are taken during this time, they will only be used to HELP your grade, not HURT your grade. 
3. Teachers might use the work you do during this time to replace missing or low grades all the way back through January, so do the work if you can. 
4. All 8th grade students are being assigned one reading plus lesson per day. We strongly urge you to complete the lessons to not only continue building reading skills but also work to make your grades better. Remember every green reading lesson completed enters you to win one of 3 $100 prizes!! (https://login.readingplus.com/)
5. If you need to get in touch with me, call or text my cell 931 260 7700. I’m available to talk each weekday 9-10 am (call) or text any time. 
6. I’ll be doing an online Zoom meeting every Tuesday morning at 9. You can join the meeting by either downloading the app Zoom or going online to zoom.com. The meeting ID number that you will need to enter the meeting is 944 690 3031. I’ll send a reminder Monday night. 
7. If you would like please send me your personal cell, and I will text out information frequently. 
8. Remember to use proper etiquette when you call, text, or email your teachers. Introduce yourself, be clear about what you need, be sure to thank them. Appropriate times to text/call are 9 am to 9 pm. Email can be done anytime. 
I am here for you. Do not hesitate to text or call me. Do your part and stay home. Social distancing means staying with the people at your house, not visiting others, so stay home and stay well! Love you guys and hope to see you Tuesday online!