Welcome to 6th Grade Math, where learning is loud and fun!! My teaching objective goes with my life motto, have fun and things will be easier to understand!!!

My Year at a Glance looks as follows

1st 9 Weeks
1 Integers
2 Factors and Multiples
3 Rational Numbers
4 Operations with Fractions
5 Operations with Decimals

2nd 9 Weeks
6 Ratios and Rates
7 Applying Rates/Ratios
8 Percents
9 Generating Equivalent Numerical
10 Generating Equivalent Algebraic Expression

3rd 9 Weeks
Chapter 11 Equations and Relationships
Chapter 12 Relationship in Two variables
Chapter 13 Area and Polygons
Chapter 14 Distance and Area in the Coordinate Plane

4th 9 weeks
Chapter 15 Surface Area
Chapter 16 Displaying Analyzing and Summarizing Data